Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garden Update

Wow, so we won't be needing to water our garden this weekend. We just received 8 inches of rain in one night!!

I took this picture of my garden last week - is already bigger than this - growing like crazy! Everything I planted came up - the pepper plants and the cantaloupe plants are the teeny plants you see - not sure why they aren't growing as quickly as the cucumbers, cherry tomato, onion or snap pea plants - but they came up at least! :)

One entrance of our community is flooded over - goodness!

This the view of our community just a mere two streets over. Yikes!


Nadine said...

Oh my gosh. They were just talking about the flooding on my local news.

SuzyQ said...

Yeah - its kinda crazy. Thankfully our house is still high and dry.

amy purple said...

I'm glad to hear your house was spared. Tell those canteloupe plants to grow - that's my favorite fruit!

Jeff & Nikki Goedeker said...

No, we didn't get much rain our way, but my husband drove Lilly to the vet Saturday morning (which is in Franklin), and he told me that if I would have driven my car, I wouldn't have made it! There was water up to the top of people's mailboxes! All of the water was crazy!! I am glad everything is okay at your place.

Nope, no names picked out yet. We are going to wait until after Friday to start thinking about that. I guess we do have a few that we like, but right now we are just throwing around random names! So you already have names picked out, huh? Thats funny. I just keep thinking - this kid is going to be stuck with this name his/her entire life, it better be good! It intimidates me to name a child!!!

tina said...

I heard about all your rain. None here or Evansville. We need it badly. No watering is always a bonus but I hope no one had damage.

WYA! said...

We feel for you with the high water. That is close. We can't believe how much of the state is submerged and you wouldn't even know it from our neighborhood.