Sunday, April 13, 2008

Check Out My New Compost Bin!

I am very excited to be the proud owner of a real compost bin!

Matt and I had concocted up our own version of a compost bin by using a trash bin and drilling holes into the sides. I must say that it has worked fairly well. But we really can't get into the bin very well to mix it up - there is the turn-the-bin-on-the-side-and-shake-it method - and then there is the stick-the-stick-down-in-the-bin-and-try-to-stir method - neither worked amazingly well.

What I think we need is a pitch-fork which I hope will be our next buy - but I found a great deal on Craigslist for a brand new still in the box stackable compost bin! Very exciting!

Today I picked it up and put it together. It is a lot bigger than I originally thought it was going to be based on the size of the box - comes up almost as tall as my waist but is is perfect! And since it is stackable - it is easy to stir up. The instructions say to take the lid off and fork out some of the compost onto the ground next to the bin - then take off the top layer of the box and put it around the compost and basically rebuild the bin on top of the new stop - layering and mixing the compost as you move it into the new location. Nifty idea! Hopefully it will speed along our composting.

Here is our old bin...


tina said...

Where is your garden located?

SuzyQ said...

I technically don't have one yet...we are working on it. :)

Carol said...

Very nice compost bin. I once had one like that, but had to leave it behind when I moved. I still miss it sometimes. It will help speed up the process.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens