Sunday, April 13, 2008

We Crave Exotic Escapes - Our Pineapple Decor

One of the things that my husband and I have really gotten into for our new home has been pineapples. We both love the tropics - the warm sun, palm trees, beaches, the ocean, snorkeling, etc etc - too bad we are stuck here in Indiana. To help alleviate our landlocked woes - we collect pineapple themed items to decorate our home. The pineapple is also symbol of hospitality so it works out that we have fallen in love with it.

So far we have a pineapple doorbell.

Pineapple-esqe lamps in our living room (found 'em on sale at Lowes last year!)

A pineapple plant that we planted from an actual fruit we bought at the grocery store. We could have our very own pineapple fruit in 3 years from this little plant - but we will see.

Here are instructions on how to plant your own pineapple plant from the fruit you can buy at the grocery store - if anyone is interested.

A pineapple fountain - we do keep it outside, but we had it set up inside the night we bought it because I was too excited to wait till the next day to see it in action.

What has caught my eye lately is the Pineapple Orchid Fragrance at Bath and Body Works, they have a candle in pineapple shaped jars!

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Angelica Garza said...

Where did you get the pineapple door bell thing? Its so cute!