Sunday, April 6, 2008

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails

(Our hostas out front)

Did a little digging this weekend with the weather being marvelous and all. I managed to clear away the dead leaves from the hostas in front and found cute little purple buds coming up...and a surprise! Slugs or snails all around my little hostas! There were probably 6 or 7 large slugs with no shells but I found quite a few teeny tiny little white shells with snails inside of them. They were so cute, but I know they are bad for the I put out a stale beer trap and caught nothing when I went out and checked the next morning. Hmm?

Question for my fellow Garden Bloggers...Is there a better way to take off of these little critters - nothing chemical of course! I was reading online about salt and vinegar?

(A newly planted blueberry bush (I have two blueberry bushes and one raspberry!))

Besides clearing the hostas out, I was able to plant my raspberry and blueberry bushes, outline where I want my vegetable and herb gardens so my husband can start tilling them up for me, collected several ice-cream tub bucket fulls of rocks from the backyard and relocated them under our hose facet and planted lettuce seeds in an old desk drawer I found in the hallway at work!

(All the rocks I collected from the middle of the muddy backyard - quite a bit!)

(My lilac bushes are getting leaves and flower buds!)

It felt great to get outside and feel the warm sun on my shoulders. Maybe spring is here after all - with all the cold weather and the rain I was beginning to wonder.

(Our spring wreath!)

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