Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cuddles With Lola

We are chihuahua crazy in this household - ok, maybe pets-in-general crazy. Lola is our love bug - she loves to cuddle and lets us hold and squeeze and smooch to our heart's content. Today she attempted to take on a boxer as it walked with its owner on the other side of the street, I had to hold her back - lol. She is my little adventurist too, she is the first one over that hill to see what is on the other side and the first one to burst through the brush to see if anything is hiding underneath.

She is also a smart little cookie - she barks by the hall closet where we keep the food when she wants fed, barks in the kitchen near the sink when she wants water and, of course, barks at the back door when she needs to go out.

Her worst fears are large bouquets of flowers - not sure why she is freaked out by them but she is and kids - not sure if she is scared by them or simply freaked out - but she insists at barking at them if they are near or running under the table to hid from them. I am sure we will be able to correct this behavior when we actually have kids - right now she isn't exposed to any little ones much.

Her favorite toys include her kong with a treat inside and various destroyed cat toys she has removed the stuffing from.

Her weaknesses are not being able to fit under the fence when we are in the front yard - you can see these little eyes smooshed under the gap under the fence looking out at you if you are in the front yard and she is trapped in the back, kleenexes and q-tips, and the cat litter - ew yuck!

Her pet peeves include the doggie tooth brush, baths, and the baby gate holding her back from the room with the litter box.

That's a little bit about my Lola!

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Nadine said...

I'm chihuahua crazy too! I use one of the big plastic storage bins to prevent my guy from getting to the catbox (classy, I know). Nasty habit, that is.