Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Showing off the Biz

My husband pointed out to me that I haven't featured out other dog as much on my blog as I have Lola. So let me introduce you to Showbiz.

My husband and I adopted Showbiz as our first pet together (I already had Pumpkin for about a year before we got together). Anyways, we went to Petco on some Saturday when the local humane society had their puppies on display for adoption and we fell in love with them. Matthew wanted a rolly polly black fuzzy pup out of the litter (they were half chow half sharpei) - I envisioned black dog hair everywhere and leaned towards an adorable attention loving smooth haired tan pup. She was such a show-off - hence her name. :)

For Showbiz too close is never close enough. For being a 40lb dog she is constantly trying to get on our lap, sneak between your legs, and be, in general, as close to your face as possible.

So trying to take her photo shoot tonight was difficult - this was the best shot. She would not sit far enough away from me to get anything better.

She is also our separation anxiety dog - having some amount of emotional baggage I assume from being a shelter dog. She is not as bad as some dogs I have heard about - but if left long enough she will tear open pillows in her crate and chew holes in her blanket.

Showbiz is the best dog hugger. You wouldn't think a dog could hug - but she does. She does this thing where if you are sitting at her level and you feel bummed and she knows it she will scoot herself right up beside or in front of you and wrap her neck around you and rest her head on your arm - a doggie hug - kinda hard to explain. :) Always makes me smile.


tina said...

Nice description of your baby.

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

great pic - I can nearly feel the hot dog breath!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Love big cuddly dogs!

Matt and Jen said...

Aaah. That's sweet. Big old cuddle monster. heehee Obviously the right choice was made. -Jen :)

Nickie said...

ah my brandi sounds a lot like your showbiz! always trying to get up close...she's 60 lbs UGH! lol!
A great hugger dog too :)

Hi showbiz!