Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Official - I am addicted to StatCounter

Forget getting addicted to email or reading the tons of posts in my Google Reader - NOW I am finding myself addicted to checking my statcounter. Especially now that more and more wonderful people are visiting my blog! Woohoo!

Statcounter is a free service that you can imbed code into your blog or website to count your websites, analyze your keyword searches, and see where people are visiting from and who are regular visitors, what browsers they use, etc.

Now don't get all worried that I can actually "see" who you are - I can't. But I can get a general idea - for example, I have a visitor who has become a regular who gets to my blog from Facebook - and their IP address lists them as being from Winter Park, Florida...hmmm? Let my sleuth mind work for a second... if they are from Facebook that means I know them and have listed them as a friend...so who can it be? Either my Aunt Erika who lives in Florida or my husband's old frat brother who lives there and just joined Facebook. See what I mean? You can start to figure it out...but really who are you from Winter Park, Florida?

Who are all you marvelous people who visit my blog? Some of you I know, like Tina from In The Garden blog has an IP from Tennessee and Carol from May Dreams - anyone who comments regularly. And the one person I have who visited me from Brazil and who got to my blog via Facebook must be my classmate from IUPUI who is now located in Brazil - hello, Ana if you are reading this! :)

I am not trying to be nosy - I am just interested in who reads my blog and flattered that you chose to visit! So speak up, leave a comment, I would love to know who all reads and what posts interests you, etc.

I have really found that what is so gratifying about writing a blog is not just the actual act of writing and coming up with posts, but the interaction between your readers and between fellow bloggers. So tell me who you are already! :) (but really if you want to remain hush hush and incognito that is fine with me too - I am just happy you visit my blog) :)!


Momma Val said...

Ooh, I am going to have to try to get these. I have no idea what Google reader is, I know you have commented to me twice about it. I will look into it. Also think the stat counter sounds pretty cool too. Not sure how involved getting all these are but sadly I could not figure out the whole bloglines thing. Maybe cause my son was demanding my attention, or perhaps I am just dense. Usually can figure most stuff out. Chalk it up to "Mom Brain" like everything else.

SuzyQ said...

I have never tried bloglines or even heard of it for that matter. But Google pretty much simplifies it for you - especially with putting your blog account with your email account with your rss feed reader...all in one easy to get to portal. All you need is a Google account (which is free and you get so much out of it).

I am pretty sure it isn't Mom Brain - if you can't figure it out then I would chalk it up to bad user design - not anything that you are doing wrong. I like to use the example of the door that has the "PUSH" sign but then also has the bar/handle that makes your mind think "PULL" - and you end up pulling even though it says push and it makes you look stupid because you cannot open the door - when the whole time it is bad design - your mind understands the bar/handle on the door to mean - pull even if the sign says push...(experience design class I took in college - very intriguing)

Anyways! Google, I think, is very user friendly and pretty straight forward to figure out. You will have to let me know if you get into it or not or if you any more questions about it or how to get an account - let me know!

tina said...

Hi SuzyQ! So if I don't comment, then you still know I have visited and that will be good enough? Does my url show up as Clarksville? I agree much of blogging is about interaction and the cyberworld carries over. I love talking to my friends and my family on my blog each day. It has been such a bonus for us. Now if I could just stop posting so much and reading and commenting so much! I might get some work done! Maybe too much interacting?

SuzyQ said...

Tina - yup, your location shows up as Clarksville and I can see that you visit even if you don't comment - pretty cool huh?

tina said...

Yes, but a little unnerving for some who wish to remain anonymous. I personally don't mind.

SuzyQ said...

Here is a link to a really good explanation of Statcounter and why a blogger would use it.


tina said...

It is ok. Don't worry. Many bloggers have a tracking device but just don't post about it. You did, that might be the big deal. Your blog, you do with it as you want. It won't stop me from reading or commenting if I have a mind to. It never has before and I like commenting because I like talking and I know it is nice for the blogger to receive a comment or two. I have learned bunches about gardening from blogs and on some I talk, some I don't. Depends on how the blogger responds and NOT whether or not the blogger is tracking me. Everything and everyone is tracked nowadays. What you said is just putting it out there but whether you said it or not doesn't change anything at all. Have a nice night and don't worry.

SuzyQ said...

Yeah I am convinced that I may just delete the post and pretend I never said anything - didn't realize it may actually scare people away. :(

Thanks for making me feel a little better about it though....still I imagined that I would finally figure out who everyone was and they would want to comment etc and just needed coaxed out...but nope guess not.


Thanks for sticking with me even if I can "see" you. ;)

tina said...

You are too funny. Don't stress! Many people don't want to comment and that is NOT a reflection of you at all. If everyone commented my goodness you would be too too busy! Sometimes it is better not to worry who is reading and/or commenting and just you have fun. You put your thoughts on here of course folks will read but maybe don't want to participate. It is ok. Delete it if you want but I think it is your thoughts and your honesty and you should seriously consider if deleting it is truly what you want to do. People will still read. I mean if you see a reader in Timbuckto how the heck do you know who it is? Do NOT worry about it.