Monday, April 28, 2008

What's Up With This Weather??!

Brr! I did not want to turn the heat back on but I am frozen. It got down to 63 in the house and the furnace must be on again. :( This weather isn't the best for making my bus efforts any easier. I am also worried about my tiny new pea and cucumber plants - should I cover them up?

The bus ride went pretty good today - was so full this morning that people were standing up - never saw it that full before - but I am new so what do I know? :)

The hubby is working late yet again tonight but he did check out some dvds from the library to keep me entertained.

A little bit of good old Rick Steves. I love watching his show on PBS on the weekends. (We don't have cable so we are pretty limited on what we can see)


corrin said...

Oh Rick is great! I could watch his shows all weekend long!

alisha said...

Yeah for other families that don't have cable! We've gorwn to love our seven fuzzy options! :)

SuzyQ said...

Corrin - I must agree Rick is marvelous! Do you know he has his own blog -

I always end up wanted to visit the places he talks about even if I have never had the desire to go there before - he is just so good at what he does!

Alisha - yup, I never really had cable growing up so I am used it. Hubby got used to it fairly quickly and we have a crap load of dvds to watch if we ever got that bored - and there are enough sitcoms that come on ABC and CBS and what have you that we have more than enough TV to watch without having cable. :) I love our few and far between options as well and the loops we have to go to get them to come in. Never though you could make bunny ear antennae move in so many diff directions. :)

SuzyQ said...

P.S. Blogger needs to install some sort of grammar check in its comment section - not just spell check apparently - I have been posting some horrific grammatical errors. :)

That or some sort of edit option where you don't have to delete the whole comment just fix what was wrong.