Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kitty Update #2

Heard from the vet today - they found microscopic crystals in her urine - which could eventually lead to a stone (even though one did not show up on the x-ray) and they could be causing some discomfort. So, we will be switching her food over in addition to giving her daily meds - he still thinks that even though they found crystals that she probably has behavioral issues as well. Yay, fun! :)

No I am just relieved to know that we are hopefully going to solve this one way or another.


Sherry at the Zoo said...

Oh...I hope the medicine works! Good Luck!

SuzyQ said...

Me too! Yesterday I kinda put everything to the test by moving the huge potted plants away from the corner's she likes to go in (I did apply double stick tape in the area just in case) - but she seems to ignore them completely. So maybe we finally figured something out. The only problem now is that our other cat is getting jealous with all the attention Big Kitty is getting (even though it is negative attention - having pills shoved down her through etc...) - Little Kitty has taken to screaming through the house like an idiot - more so than usual and occasionally tackling Big Kitty on her way past her...sheesh!