Friday, May 2, 2008

Week One of My Indygo Bus Experience

So, I have officially ridden the bus to work and back for a full week now. Woohoo! I am very proud of myself! It has been something I have been trying to get into doing since sometime last year. I think I rode it once - had a slightly unpleasant experience - then the winter Indiana weather kicked in and I decided to stay in the comforts of my toasty car with its heated leather seats.

Now that springtime and pleasant weather has returned to central Indiana, I have decided to give commuting via the bus a second chance.

I want to ride the bus for several reasons. 1. I find driving in rush hour traffic to and from downtown Indianapolis to be increasingly stressful and boring. 2. I want to be more green and since I am not carpooling with anyone - I can do so by riding the bus part of the way to work. 3. The price of gas has shot through the roof it seems! I hate watching the gas needle go down each day - really disheartening.

So, off on my bus adventure I go. With my spare change and my route map in hand. :)

Today marks the end of my first official full week of riding the bus. I must say that it has become a pleasant experience. The first few days were almost more stressful than driving to work in rush hour has ever been - but I wasn't familiar with the schedule, the route, where the stops were, the drivers or the riders. Right around Wednesday it finally all clicked for me. Now I no longer ride with my eyes glued to to the front window straining to see where my stop is - now I know where the best stop to get off downtown is and I know about how long it takes to get back. I know that the 5:07 bus actually hits the stop around 5:02 and doesn't wait. I know which bus drivers are nice and which are gruff.

I now feel comfortable enough to pull my book out and read for 20 minutes or plan out my day. I was worried at first that I would find myself stranded if something ever came up - which nothing has yet. And instead of filling up my gas tank this week - I only spent $15 for bus fare. I can handle that!


Nadine said...

I'm working out the details to see if I can ride the bus. You may see posts on the subject soon. You've inspired me! :-)

Momma Val said...

Awesome! I used to commute to college. Sometimes it bugged me but overall I made the most of it. I would bring magazines, call people, or just sit back, take a breath and relax. Can't do that in rush hour. I am a SAHM now but there is a bus around here. Perhaps I'll attempt to travel with my son on one some time. Filled up the tank today, it came to $59. YIKES!

Electronic Goose said...

Great to read! We need more people doing what you're doing.

I've been riding the bus to work for a little over a year now, and you're definitely on to something: in the beginning days on new routes, it's stressful, but once you know the way, it's much more relaxing than car trips. I wonder if that's part of the reason people don't start riding in the first place! Maybe public transportation systems can sponsor try-it-out days or something to ease the fear of the unknown ...

tina said...

Congrats on riding the bus for one week! It must be relaxing not to have to worry about the driving.

SuzyQ said...

It has been relaxing - once I got the hang of the it!

I am so excited that I have inspired you Nadine! I cannot wait to hear about your efforts!

Electronic goose - I definitely agree with you - a try-it-out day or some sort of orientation or optional class you can attend that goes over everything for your particular route or the whole system in general would be nice. Oh and they could have meet the drivers nights - that would be fun! Maybe. :)!