Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I may have overdone it a little yesterday. Matthew worked his 6PM-4AM shift Sunday and had his 2PM-12AM shift Monday - so he had to sleep all day - but it was my day off and I had a 15 ft crab apple tree, bee balm, lemon balm, lavender, and rosemary to plant and 3 other little pines to move and replant. AND I attempted to weed-eat - I am not very good at it but the grass around my garden bed was getting 3 feet tall.

BUT, I probably shouldn't have tried to do it all before 1PM. Sigh. So, here I am stiff and sore on the couch at 5:07 - trying to convince myself to get up and do the rest of the stuff I wanted to get done today - make pretzel salad, do another load of laundry so my hubby can have a clean wrap for his hand tomorrow, go to Lowes and get the mulch we paid for but forgot to put in the car. I have been trying to convince myself to finish it up since about 3:00PM when I took a shower after weed eating so far all I have managed to do in the last two hours is take a nap and park myself in front of the tv with the laptop on my lap. :)


Well, three hours later...I did manage to get up but I didn't finish my whole list. I can't do it all - I shouldn't try to do it all. Sigh.

I DID manage to do another load of laundry, water the trees I planted and replanted, and sew buttons on to hubby's work shirts and repair a hole in my work pants.

I ALSO managed to burn dinner - I was cooking one of those easy-peasy 10 minute lipton noodle things and decided to water the trees outside while it was cooking - ha! Yup, I burned it - so I had ravioli and garlic bread instead.

Having my husband work all the time makes me feel like I am single or something - eating the way I used to when I lived by myself in my studio apartment. Living off ravioli, spaghettios, pop tarts, cereal and fruit.

It is just hard to cook a real dinner for just me - if I do I have more leftovers then I know what to do with - and Matt isn't good about eating leftovers so there's no point.


My Memorial Day in Photos

Here are the three trees I moved from various locations in the backyard to this little nook on the west side of the house - it really looks darling - I just need to add some shade loving/moisture tolerant flowers now!

And here is our new flowering crab apple tree. It was 50% off at Lowes - it had blown over in the recent storms and was coming out if its pot - there were two others that I almost bought but we could barely managed to fit this one in our PT Cruiser the way it was. :)

And here is my new little herb garden. It isn't where I imagined it would be - but I think it will be better on this side of the house where it can catch the morning sunlight and where it is a little less soggy. It just needs some mulch and a little border of bricks!

And finally - my feeble attempt at weed eating that resulted in a few plant massacres like the one above. :(


Nadine said...

I am super impressed. I haven't even managed to plant my gifted mum, although I did finally get the bee balm in the ground.

WYA! said...

It is a little off topic but, is that a Pomeranian? We ask because we just planted some herbs and plants this weekend and our Pom helped

Momma Val said...

Ouch, Wow, & Hang in there! Besides having a baby I have been solo like that alot over the last few years. I have grown to accept it. It does suck though. My husband was a forest ranger before he became a cop so that broke me in a little. I have to remind myself that a big part of the reason that he is gone so much is so I can be a SAHM and we can live on one income. Hurrah on all the work! I just "Hound-dogged" my front bed and my forearms already hurt but it is fun to use that thing. I miss the days before we had little buddy when I was home by myself and just gardened and ate what I wanted and watched TV and movies and slept in. That all goes bye-bye after you have a child. Enjoy what it is now. Oddly I always am waiting for the next chapter in my life to be better and usually miss the last chapter whatever it was after it was gone.

tina said...

You sound like me, burning the dinner, that is if I even begin cooking it! Poor family. Nice buy on the crabapple.

Terra Hangen said...

You are a dangerous woman with the weed eater, judging by the photo of the plant.
I love my herb garden and hope you enjoy yours just as much as I do, and the butterflies and bees.