Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Marvelous Matthew

Haven't posted about my wonderful husband - it is definitely about time. :) First a little history. My husband and I went to high school together. My family and I moved when I was in the 7th grade - so I was walking the same halls as him for a good 6 years. We both had high school sweethearts or significant others that obscured our paths from crossing until our college years. Having, by chance, gotten each other's AOL or AIM chat names in high school - we started chatting one day and both realized we were single and decided to set up a date. And the rest was history. We have been inseparable ever since that first date. Got engaged a month later in the sunny, sandy dunes of Michigan and eloped in the Marion County courthouse a year later complete in our dress, suit, sandals and bouquet of flowers. :) We are getting ready to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary here in July.

Even farther back in our history, his parents were great friends with my mother's parents - and his mother even babysat for my mother when she was little. How kooky is that?! :)

Anyways, my Matthew is the culmination of everything I ever could possibly want in a man - who knew such a man existed? I am so glad I found him! He is incredibly sweet and caring - never once belittling my feelings or off the wall ideas. He is so encouraging and supportive of my work and my hobbies - he has really helped me grow as person by helping me feel more confident about myself and what I do. That may sound silly - but I needed that boost. I am a perfectionist and always tend to over think things a lot - often to my own demise as my thoughts and doubts can easily get in the way of the action I want to take. Having him in my life to further reveal my strengths to myself has made me into who and what I am today.

He is such a light in my life, when we are together all we do is laugh and have such a great time (unless we are tired of course - grouchiness gets the best of anyone). We have our inside jokes and our own sense of humor that I am sure no one else could get - just walking down the grocery aisle is fun with him beside me.

And did I mention he is the sweetest guy ever? He made this for me for Mother's Day - or as he put it "Mother's To Be One Day - Day" - I like to think that it is "Mother of a Crazy Lot of Pets Day" :) - either way he loves the excuse to make me or buy me a present. And he is good at it - knowing the things I love and my current passions. He got the idea out of a garden book we got from the library and used field stones I picked up from nearby fields while taking our dogs on their walks.

And he takes very good care of me - I am quite spoiled. Now that he works such awful shifts at work I find myself sitting at home in such a blah mood. Not having him home to make me laugh and smile is just torture. But bills got to be paid and this new job is the stepping stone to his career goals that he has been working so hard to achieve - so I try to be positive about it.

Anyways, this post is a tribute to my husband - the love of my life - and his unbelievable amount of love and support he has given me over the years. I love you, Matthew!

P.S. He has his own blog too - Matt's Miscellany - check it out!

More Reasons Why He is the Best Ever

He loves to read as much as I do - we can spent one too many hours at the library or the local Barnes & Nobles. And he loves the sun - and traveling. We are definitely beach bodies landlocked here in Indiana.

He is always up for a good game of Scrabble - and I always win.

He values education as much as I do - here he is with his parents on his graduation day receiving his MBA in Business Management.

He also loves animals as much as I do - and makes me laugh :)! Love this pic of him getting caught off guard by having Showbiz so close to his face. :)

He is quite debonair and ruggedly handsome. Here he is looking oh so suave at our good friends' wedding.

Did I mention how he makes me laugh? Such a light hearted spirit! :) Here he is with his good friend Quentin at his wedding! Such goofs!

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