Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bloom Anticipation

I can hardly wait for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day to get here! I have so much that has bloomed in my yard - my Columbine finally decided to show me what color its flowers are after not blooming at all last year - my lilacs are in full throttle and my Allium is about to burst - but I am holding back the photos till the 15th!

With the soaking rain we have had all week and weekend - I haven't had much of a chance to get out in the yard. I did a little weeding Saturday with my handy new weeding tool a neighbor gave me. I usually just use my kneepads and a garden knife and go around and pull them up - but one of my neighbors didn't like seeing me on my hands and knees all the time so he gave me one of the weeding tools he doesn't use (he just uses chemicals now). I was kinda freaked out at first - we haven't gotten to really know our neighbors yet even after being here a year - but it was a nice gesture. All our neighbors are doing that lately - they don't like seeing us doing everything the hard way and are always offering us their latest gadgets to help out. Matt said that one guy brought over an electric edger after watching him edge the yard with just a weedeater.

I do enjoy my new little tool though it does save my back and my energy - I can do twice as much as I could with just the garden knife. I cannot find a picture of one like it online so I will have to snap a picture of it one day.

This summer I want to throw a "Get To Know Your Neighbors" BBQ - didn't want to do it last year because our backyard was such a mess - but hopefully we will get that in gear here soon.

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