Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beginning of Week 3

So today was another great day on the bus - I managed to catch the early 7:36 bus to get to work (I was wanting to get in ahead of time to prepare for the intern I thought was starting today - sigh - but they aren't now :( ...anyways...the early bus is always so full. It gets downtown around 8 so it makes since - most places start work around that time.

What was so interesting about today was that I was sitting next to two obviously new bus riders and I couldn't help but overhear them talking about their new experience. So I piped up when I could to answer their questions. It was nice to be able to do that - after only riding the bus for going on 3 weeks now. I wish I had someone to answer my questions - there is so much that the IndyGo website and the route brochures don't tell you.

1. The Route Map Only Shows You A Few Stops
There are tons of stops along any one route - and you can find the one that is just right for you by a little trial and error. Ride the bus early the first day or so and keep an eye out the window to see all the stops. Or ride the bus its whole route to get a sense of where all the stops are before you try to guess which one is closest to where you work.

2. Not All Bus Drivers Are Nice/Not All Bus Drivers Are Mean
After a few rides you will get an idea of which driver drives which route and when. You get to know their quirks and their pet peeves - one driver will wait for you if he sees you coming towards the stop - another will leave you in the dust if you aren't on time. Don't let it discourage you too much if you miss a bus - another one will be on its way shortly.

What would be cool is if IndyGo did some sort of marketing campaign similar to what www.indy.org did for Indianapolis - the "Doing Indy" podcasts.

The podcasts could be full of helpful tips and maybe have one for each route. Oh and they could interview the drivers for that route - a kind of get to know your driver type thing...Hmmm...maybe I should put a tip in!


Electronic Goose said...

Look at you, the 3-week expert! :)

Good podcast idea, send it in. It could take away some new rider's anxiety about taking public transportation.

Nadine said...

I didn't realize how hard it would be to take the first step! I have a million and one excuses why it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Clearly I couldn't have carried all my new plants home on the bus!