Monday, May 19, 2008

Dreamy Sunday In the Park

Despite the turmoil Matthew and I did manage to make a lot of our weekend. Sunday evening we went to the Greenwood Amphitheater to picnic out on the grass with our Scrabble game, wine, cheese & crackers and fruit - and listen to the Greenwood Community Band while the sun sank behind the trees. It was very romantic.

It was our first time going to one of their concerts so we weren't sure what to expect. But it was quite lovely. The band played interesting music, families young and old were camped out in the grass with blankets and chairs and thermoses and snacks - people were strolling to Mrs. Curl's for ice cream - little bugs were dancing in the air and sparkling in the sun like fairy dust. It was like a dream!

Next time we will have to bring the dogs along - several families had their furry family members with them so now we know they are welcome - you never know so we decided not to risk it the first time.

Matthew being such a trooper - injury and all.


Here is the band's concert schedule for the rest of the summer if anyone is interested!

Sunday, June 8th - 7:00pm

Greenwood Amphitheater

Friday, June 27th - 7:00pm

4th of July Celebration
Greenwood Amphitheater

Sunday, July 13th - 7:00pm
Greenwood Amphitheater

Sunday, August 10th - 7:00pm
Greenwood Amphitheater

Sunday, September 7th - 7:00pm

Greenwood Amphitheater

Sunday, October 19th - 5:00pm
Greenwood H.S. Auditorium

Sunday, December 7th - 5:00pm

Greenwood H.S. Auditorium


Nadine said...

Sounds like a delightful way to spend a Sunday!

alisha said...

Oh Man!!! We're in NM so I haven't been "blog hopping" lately. I just read what happened to Matt!!! Poor guy. Well wishes from New Mexico and Greensboro!