Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pin Pictures!

So, I know you all have been dying to see pictures of my husband's pins in his hand! Right!? Right?! :) Well, today we had the awesome experience of actually seeing them when they removed his bandages at his follow-up appointment today - and, of course, I was ready with camera at hand to snap some pictures for your viewing enjoyment. Sadly, I did not catch the look on his face when they removed the last bit of gauze and revealed this...

Yeah, his eyes were as big as saucers and his mouth dropped. He pretty much looks like Frankenstein complete with crazy stitches from two different incisions and pins holding his thumb in place and sticking out of the skin.

Pictured above is the cut he made on accident.

In this picture, above, you can actually see part of the metal pin - goodness.

After they cleaned up his arm, Matthew was fitted with a brand spanking new plastic splint - much better than his old one - this one is custom fitted, made of lighter material, etc.

AND we finally found out today that work will cover expenses since it did indeed occur at work doing something the manager asked him to do - with the resources available to him, sigh.

Next week he goes back to get the stitches removed and a week or two after that he gets the pins taken out. And in the months following that he will need to undergo a few months of physical therapy.


Momma Val said...

Wow, it doesn't look that bad. I mean swelling, and coloring, etc. What exactly does your husband do for a living?

SuzyQ said...

He is an assistant manager at a corporate restaurant.

Nadine said...

Eew. That's all I got. :-)

Electronic Goose said...

Eewww, uck!