Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Garden Update

Haven't posted a garden update with all the craziness that has been happening. So I know one is in due order! Brace yourself - there are lots of photos! :)

My rhubarb coming up and getting more leaves! Very exciting! Though I won't be able to actually harvest any until next year. It will be worth the wait though! Rhubarb is one of the nostalgic additions to our backyard - we had some in my childhood yard and I remember picking it and eating it dipped in sugar.

A blurry pic of baby cucumber plants getting their big leaves! Equally as exciting - I love marinating cucumber slices in Italian dressing! Yum!

My wild phlox in bloom!

Baby cherry tomato plant!

My sugar snap peas are growing up the guides - and fast!

And here is the first mini harvest of lettuce - it was delicious!


tina said...

That salad looks luscious.

Nadine said...

Rhubarb! As a child, strawberry-rhubarb pie was my favorite dessert, so my grammy would make it for me each year for my b'day. It falls at the end of April, so she would have to cut many little stalks that were just emerging to get enough for my pie. I should plant some! We did the sugar-dipping thing too. :-)

Alli said...

I have many fond memories of rhubard, also...we would pick it in our backyard and eat it while playing on the swingset, and my Aunt Doris would always make us rhubarb sauce when she came to visit. Good luck with growing it!