Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sock It To Me Saturday

So, day one of my weekend already has me wore out. It feels like it is Sunday - perhaps I tried to put too much into one day. To start off with I scheduled a dentist appointment to have a filling replaced for 8:00 a.m. this morning - that was a bad mistake. Yes it did spare one of my vacation days and did give me the rest of my day to enjoy - BUT it knocked me out. The numbing injection they gave me always makes feel a little off kilter for a good 4 hours. My head was swimming until around 12 noon - and by then my tooth starting hurting and I realized I was tired as crap from having gotten up so early and ended up having to take a 2 hour nap. So much for waking up two hours early to get a good start on the day.

After my dentist appointment I did manage to make it to about 12 garage sales - didn't find a thing - well, there was a globe for $2, a salad bowl for $3, a charger for .10 and a band saw for $25 - but wasn't convinced that we really needed any of them.

So I then visited the Center Nine Career Center Plant Sale and found only a handful of a selection of brocolli and cauliflower plants along with some petunias and things - eh.

Then headed home and fueled up on some lunch - still couldn't feel part of my cheek so I ended up biting it while eating to the point where it bled and is now still swollen. :(

Woke up the hubby (he slept in because he works the night shift tonight) and headed back out with my canned good item to check out the 4th Annual Johnson County Garden Celebration. Was able to sign up for the Johnson County Gardener Club mailing list, grab some info on local nurseries, etc AND come home with some Lamb's Ear and Sweet Rocket wild phox (which I have read about being invasive - but I plan on putting in an extremely bare area by the fence - not in my flower beds and am actually hoping they spread fast so I can fill that area up with ease...)

(My garden celebration loot - lamb's ear and wild phlox)

(A view of the crowd and this booth that made the cutest little birds from tiny painted gourds)

Too bad I missed the lecture about worm composting - I really wanted to hear that! It was at 10:30 and I just couldn't move fast enough today.

After all that fun - I was EXTREMELY grouchy and decided to defuse myself by taking nap - barely woke up in time to get ready for the Kentucky Derby Party we were invited too! Check out my awesome derby hat we found on sale at Von Maur or Nordstrom's one of those places - wasn't sure if I was going to get it but hubby surprised me and went out and got it on one of his days off! :)

(Check out my derby hat - isn't it marvelous!?)


Nadine said...

The hat is marvelous!

At the last place I lived, there was some wild phlox that was in the process of taking over the entire garden. It was lovely, but so were the poppies and peonies that were getting in its way.

What a busy day...

tina said...

What a busy day! The lambs ear will definitely fill in-I love it in my garden.

SuzyQ said...

Nadine - thanks - I fell in love with the hat at first sight. :) Had the darnedest time finding a dress to go with it though - it is an off white hat - ended up going with a brown dress and gold earrings.

Thank you for making me feel better about my lambs ear purchase, Tina!

Hopefully I haven't committed some sort of gardener's faux pas or something by buying an invasion plant.

I think they are cute and they are nostalgic for me - I know my grandma grows them.

And right now my backyard is pretty bare - I could use a little invasion of cute plants. :)

Amy said...

Yea, you ended up finding your hat at Von Maur :) Very cute. Hopefully you'll get to wear it again to something in the future (not sure what kind of event that would be, but I bet it would be fun).

SuzyQ said...

Amy - yup I did end up finding it there! I didn't think I would - so overpriced - but I found it super on sale! :) Thanks for the tip about going! A coworker said I should wear it to church - ha - maybe I will! :)