Friday, May 9, 2008

Lost Makes My Scalp Crawl

My exact phrase last night was. "wow, that gave me goosebumps on my head." But I think the appropriate term is that it made my scalp crawl. :)

Lost is freaking crazy. All the twists and turns and secrets for one show!

Last night (and occurring quite frequently this season) Lost has been revealing that people who were on the island can do this weird time travel thing AND where the people who die are very much present. Kinda crazy!

Still haven't figured out what that crazy smoke monster is yet.

And what the heck is strapped to the crazy army man? Is it a detonator to blow up the island??

And why do only 6 people get off the island? Huh? Tell me that! And why was the ghost of Ben's dad's nose bleeding like Desmond's was when he was almost lost in time?? If he is dead how can he still be traveling in time?

Stupid show making me ask all these questions and never giving any answers! I keep trying to swear off this show - but it keeps drawing me back in.

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tina said...

SuzyQ, My husband is SUCH a big Lost fan! I had to record it for him as he was working. He hasn't yet watched it but I read him your post. He said "Funny." I hate Lost because I can't figure it out. Too convoluted and it "lost" me a long time ago. No pun intended.