Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 2008 Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

My Columbine decided to bloom this year - though it looks like it is wilting :(

One of my lilac bushes went crazy

My lily of the valley showed off some fragrant blooms (its first year blooming)

Not pictured: My allium is only half blooming so I will save that post for when it fully blooms and my wine & rose bushes are blooming a little.

AND I saw this in my yard! The most adorable yellow bird - and his mate though he/she isn't in this pic. And they didn't stay long - but they have convinced me to once again set out birdfood in my feeders - for the longest time I have been discouraged because all seem to attract are hoards of grackles.


Carrie said...

Damn I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but we have a FREAKING frost advisory for Wisconsin tonight and I saw a bumble bee wearing a parka!

tina said...

Great pics! I love that lilac. The bird is gorgeous bloom too. It is an American Goldfinch with all of its yellow color. The color comes in the spring and summer. In the winter they look dull tan. They like niger seed in a finch feeder. You'll have tons more and he is a year round resident-feed them and plant some flowers-especially red hots and you have tons. Have a great night!

Nadine said...

Two of my poppies popped last night-- just in time to be smashed by the rain forecasted for today and tomorrow...

Lovely flowers, as usual!

SuzyQ said...

Carrie - it hasn't been the best weather here either - two frost warnings this spring (didn't materialize though) and tons and tons of rain and chilly weather!

Tina- thank you for identifying my little yellow bird for me - I knew someone reading my blog would know! :) I do have a finch feeder and special finch bird seed - but they never ate any - but I think I had the feeder too close to the house - so I am cleaning it out and refilling it and keeping it out by the fence so maybe they will come back! :)

P.S. what are red hots?! A kind of plant? ;) Let me know!

Nadine - thanks for the compliments - yes my flowers are pretty - which is nice because my backyard is a mucky mess - hence why I don't zoom out on my photos very much - lol! I don't want anyone to see the mud, the patchy grass, and right now the 2 foot tall grass in my backyard. I remember my grandma had poppies - I may have to add some of them to my garden this year! We focused so much on bushes in the front yard that we really didn't extend to planting many perennials in the back like I wanted.

Carol said...

Your lilac looks beautiful, I think I can actually smell it, too!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens