Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Bus First / I Still Got It!

So, today - I experienced a bus first for me. I was hit on. LOL.

For the last two days it has been rainy and the bus has been filled to the brim with all sorts of new people - not just the regulars. Not sure it is because of the rain or the gas prices - but the bus has been jam packed.

Anyway, when I got on the bus I had to stand near the front and this new guy was going and on about how he has never seen the bus this full ever in Indy. Then he asked who cut my hair - that was random. At first I could have swore he was insulting me - I mean I HAD been standing out in the rain for the last 30 minutes sharing my umbrella with two others waiting for the bus and getting quite damp in the process and as a result my hair went flat. I even asked him why and he just looked at me - didn't say it looked nice or what. So I was like huh- and kept trying to look in the bus mirrors to see if my hair really did look that bad that a casual bystander had to call it out.

Then I noticed how he got all fidgety and then switched seats to sit next me - ah I did the good old ring flash - you know, hold the umbrella so your wedding ringing is flashing - well APPARENTLY he did not take note of this and he tried to give me a crumpled piece of cardboard with his name and number wrote on it.

And of course I had to call him out in front of everyone and be all like - "Is this your number?! I am married!" He tried to backtrack and insist he was not giving me his number - but that lie fell apart and he tried another story about how he had that number ready for a girl on another bus but that he found out she was too young for him. Whatever. LOL.

What is the worst part is that this whole sad scenario was played out between about 5 people who were all sitting super close together - remember, the bus was full. LOL. So EVERYONE heard me call him out and everyone heard him try to lie - it was hilarious.

So, of course, I now feel terrible for having embarrassed him so I tried to engage him in some random conversation - talked about his job, etc. But when that bus came to our stop he was off faster than you could blink an eye. Poor guy. :) One of the men sitting across from us who had overheard the conversation piped up saying, "Hey man, you get an "A" for effort." Hehe! And a woman sitting next me leaned over and whispered, "He IS cute." LOL. A fun time was had by all - well, except for him maybe. :)

But it improved my day - things had been pretty crummy - having to stand out in the chilly rain forever and then having to stand on the bus because there was nowhere to sit and before that I had a fairly crappy day at work - so it was nice to have something different happen on the bus to talk about - AND it was flattering and quite humorous. :) So, thanks - random guy from the bus - for making me smile and blush a little!


Nadine said...

LOL Too funny!

I'd been hoping to start riding the bus on Monday, but I have to attend a memorial service. Now I'm aiming for Tuesday.

Rosemarie said...

The few times this happens to me (after I got married) I have just enjoyed the flirting. But the phone number! Wow!

SuzyQ said...

Nadine - Hope it works out for you Tuesday - keep us updated! :)

Rosemarie - I was quite shocked when he tried to give it me - lol. I didn't take it - just to specify that -not sure if I pointed that out in my post. :)

Carrie said...

Seriously, he must have been a novice since just about anybody can get biz cards printed for next to nothing. It probably took a year's worth of courage to ask someone out, but still how can you not check for the wedding room. Very flattering, but no doubt a novice.

SuzyQ said...

Carrie - no doubt he was - but he was probably older than I am by a year or two - but who knows. Anyways - yes, the story he told me about his job was rather doubtful since he didn't produce a business card with his name and number on it - but a wad of cardboard instead - hmm? If I was quicker on my toes and had more time before our stop I would have hit him up for a freelance project to design his business cards for him. LOL. But he was rather freaked out.

Carrie said...

Yup, you probably ruined him forever and it will become one of those awesome urban legends where they find him dead and homeless somewhere and all he had on him was an empty grocery cart and a crumbled up piece of cardboard with his OWN phone number on it and you can say, hey ... that guy asked me out!

Either that scenario or he is a multi-gazillionaire and you will see him someday on a program about how he tried to change peoples lives forever and you dissed him and you can say, damn ... I thought that guy was trying to ask me out!