Sunday, May 18, 2008

Matt's Injury Recap

Ok, so I thought I should sum everything up for those reading the blog. :)

Matthew hurt his hand at 9PM Thursday - went into hand surgery at 3PM Friday.

Here he is all prepped and ready for surgery. He said what hurt worst was the IV when they started putting him under.

Two hours later his arm looked like this - though he wasn't as chipper or awake as he is in this photo - I think he took this picture Saturday.

Anyways - he is now sporting 4 metal pins in his thumb - two of which are sticking out of the skin - nice. We can't see them because off all the bandages - but if we get a pic we will put it up. :) He will have the pins in for 4 weeks and then undergo a few months of physical therapy. He actually cut through two tendons.

Amazingly enough, the doctor said he could go back to work on Monday! (but he if he doesn't feel well enough he said he would extend it for him) He just can't use his left hand for anything - in fact he wears it in a sling and has orders from the doctor to have it elevated above his heart 24 hours a day.

Saturday he was feeling pretty good - but today it started to hurt him more and he feels queasy - probably from his pain meds. So we have been taking it pretty easy. Though I know it is driving him crazy - we bought some plants for the yard yesterday (Lowes had a sale) but walking around the backyard to look at where we would put them made him all depressed. The grass hasn't been cut in weeks. It kept raining on his days off - and now this. He keeps insisting he can do it one handed - but I would rather not risk losing another one of his limbs thank you very much.

Look at what we found on our doorstep when we got home from the hospital Friday night! Cookies with love all the way from Michigan! Thank you Ben, Megan, Allison and Quentin - you guys are the best! We really needed a smile and that did the job - thank you!


Nadine said...

Oh my. I hope he takes tomorrow off to rest. And I hope he feels all better soon.

Carrie said...

Oh my gosh, the differene between the first picture and the second picture ... priceless.

Your husband is a good sport for letting you take pictures and I wish him (and mostly you) a speedy recovery. There is literally nothing worse than a mentally alert yet physically incapacitated adult male.

SuzyQ said...

Nadine - He is going to try to work tomorrow - but if he doesn't feel well he did say he would take a half day - AND he is going to wear his sling so he remembers his limitations. Thanks for the wishes!

Carrie - he actually asked me to take the first picture and he took the second one himself. LOL. We are both pretty addicted to our camera. And, yup, I have already started to experience some of his grumpy-i-don't-like-that-I-can't-do-everything now-ness. :( Just gotta him his meds in him and he is pretty happy - except when he can't button his shirt or put on his sock....then he gets a little grumpy.

rohit said...

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Benjamin said...

I'm glad he has such short down time, and Matt looks completely hardcore in the second picture. I hope his recovery is quick so he can get back to mowing :-p. Take care you guys!