Friday, May 30, 2008

Mini-Morel Vacay

Yup, I am taking a little vacation this weekend. Been a tad overwhelmed with life's goings ons - so when my father proposed the idea - at first I was hesitant about leaving my recently injured husband - but then I started thinking about my hubby's weekend shift - and my obvious lack of any real plans - so...a weekend away sounds pretty good. AND I will hopefully come home with a lot of morels to freeze away - yum!

So, you all won't hear from me this weekend - I need a break - but I'll be back!

Hopefully I will be a little refreshed - because lately I have looked like this each night after work. :)

P.S. Visit the hubby's blog while I am gone - he is bored and is going post crazy - fun stuff! :)


Momma Val said...

Sounds like fun. Enjoy!

SuzyQ said...

Thanks - I will! I just drove 2.5 hours - drove straight into that crazy rain storm right around Lafayette - I swear the road is about washed away in Brookston, IN - but I made it. We will get up early tomorrow and drive 6 hours to northern Michigan. :)

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

p.s. on your comment, Soak is great for handknitted goods, too.

Nadine said...

Well, darn, we'll miss you here in Bloggyland. Have lots of fun!