Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Web Finds Wednesday

Woohoo - its Web Finds Wednesday again! I am excited - aren't you?!

One of the benefits of being an internet addict such as I am is that you find some pretty nifty stuff for some pretty nifty prices!

Check out today's finds!

Cool Feet from BlueLounge
So nifty I had to buy a set for myself today! Our laptop at home is always running hot because we tend to compute via the couch a lot - not good I know, but we are always improvising ways to lift the back end of the computer - lately we have been using books...but THESE are perfect! (and only $12.95) Looks like they have all kinds of other goodies as well!

Retro Green Check Ice Bag - from Vintage June
Then there is this little guy. Adorable no?!
With my husband and I's general clumsiness we are both always needing ice packs or bandaids (or most recently stitches and hand surgery!). This little retro ice bag would be the perfect addition to our home med kit and its stylish to boot! (only $12.50!)

50 Problems Savers Under $50 from Mighty Haus
Lots of goodies for under 50 - too many to list!

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