Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beautiful Beach Comber Bracelet at Red Envelope

Oh, my bracelet is on-sale at Red Envelope from $85 to $39.99 (hint, hint - Matthew!) Potential Christmas present maybe? Just kidding - kinda. maybe. ok not at all. :)


Candid Carrie said...

OOOH, pretty! I always hesitate with that type lock though, have you had success with that style?

SuzyQ said...

I never had a bracelet with a clasp like that - does it not hold well? Could I maybe replace it with a different clasp? Hmmm...but it is soo pretty!

Momma Val said...

Very pretty. Do they make a necklace to match? I agree about the clasp. Pretty but will it keep it securely on your wrist? I have a necklace with the same type of clasp and I don't trust it will stay on so I never wear it.