Friday, July 25, 2008

4 Year Anniversary Presents Revealed!

As I predicted my husband walked right by his presents that I had set up on the kitchen counter and came straight for the computer. So he read my blog post before seeing the goods...hence why I did not post the pics until AFTER I knew he got them first.

First off, let me explain....we treat pretty much every occasion like each other a basket full of goodies instead of wasting time wrapping it, etc - also this ensures that we get more one present, because how pitiful is a basket with only one thing in it!?

Anyways, he got a brand new stainless steel gas grill from his family for Christmas and hasn't really had the chance to get into grilling this year what with his hand injury and crazy work hours, etc. So, to get him excited about it all again I got him basket full of grill goodies! There's two books about grilling, a cedar plank to grill on, and a smoking tray complete with wood chips and to stay with the theme I found two fruit marinades. I also threw in fruit flavored beer (Lemon Shandy that I know he likes), a note pad with lemons on it and some clever saying about life handing you lemons, and a car air freshener that smells like mangoes!

And this was the grand finale - and also more of a present for the both of us than just for him. Willow Tree's Welcoming Angel - holding a pineapple (fruit!) which is our reoccurring house decor theme. Perfect huh?! ;)


Electronic Goose said...

Cute. I like the idea of using baskets for all your gifts!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Totally perfect! And I love the basket idea!!

Life, Love And Lola said...


SuzyQ said...

Electronic Goose - Yup, we are pretty crazy about presents. We love giving and getting them so each holiday is a perfect excuse to get the things we know the other wants.

Mama's losin' it - Thanks! Yes, a basket is definitely the way to go - why pay for the wrapping paper you are going to throw away when you can buy a basket that will be sure to be reused - not to mention the guarantee of more than present!

life, love and lola - Themes are marvelous - gives us ideas and gets us creative! Except for the appliance theme which the 4 year anniversary modern gift idea. Poo! Thanks for coming by my blog!

Anonymous said...

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