Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fourth Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts....Hmmm?

Yup, my husband and I's fourth year wedding anniversary is coming up. :)

And we always try to stick with the modern or traditional gift themes.

First year was - clocks (he got me a clock and I got him a pocket watch), second year - paper (I think we got each other magazine subscriptions), third - leather (we each got a pair of leather shoes we wanted), and so with our date approaching I started researched what the traditional and modern gifts were for a 4 year anniversary...and what is it?

wait for it.........


What the crap?!

The traditional option is only a tad better - flowers and fruit - which I have a great (and also super secret) idea of how I can spin off that idea! But I can't divulge because hubby reads my blog. :( Darn. I mean it is good that he reads my blog - its just that I would love to see what you all think about my idea.


But here are a few cool spin offs:

Remember this guy I found from Anthropologie?!

He is fruit themed and ADORABLE! And only $18!

Maybe not a good present for my hubby but a great idea for me! (hint, hint)

Hey, I am just helping the man out here - there isn't much to work with when you have appliances, fruit and flowers to start off with.

Then there's the pineapple shaped candle thing from Bath and Body Works....this image boasts their latest sale involving the candle - "$25 Pineapple Mango Figural Candle with any $25 purchase." So my poor hubby would first have to buy $25 worth of stuff in Bath and Body Works first before he can get the he would end up buying $50 off stuff and get a headache from the smells and trying to figure out what I would like (Mango Mandarin or Grapefruit scents). Or if they still have that Lemon scented stuff...oh, I would love that!!

Yup! They still have it!!

The lotion sounds good $11, and the body spray $12.50 and the shower sugar stuff $12- and maybe the lip stuff $8.

Hmmm. lemon. ;)

I also like their line of C.O. Bigelow Lemon scented items - we have the hand soap, but they also have lotion, hand treatment, lip cream, body wash, body cream and sugar scrub.

Looks like they also carry a $25 LemonMade Lemon Wedge Travel Set complete with Bath & Shower Gel, Warming Sweet Cream Body Scrub, Body Lotion, Hand Salve and a Lip Balm SPF 15 - haven't smelled it yet but sounds delicious.


Matt's Miscellany said...

Also, you received a coloring book to represent paper for our first anniversary. And yes, I did get you shoes for the leather anniversary. I think we by-passed the traditional/modern gift things last year b/c I can't recall what I got you.

Momma Val said...

Ooh, I got a good idea. How about one of those edible arrangements that include chocolate covered strawberries and maybe a flowered undergarment? That counts right? Guess you could share both? Well at least the fruit anyway.