Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

This is one of my favorite photos of our marvelous friends from Michigan. They were our first house guests when we moved into our first home. My husband and locked his keys in dad's truck that we had borrowed for the move...our ingenious house guests helped us come with up with a device comprised of a broom stick, rubberband, fly swatter, magnet and paper clip to get the keys out - and after about an hour - we did! This photo was taken in triumph!

Left to Right:
Megan, Quentin, Matt, Allison
And Ben in the truck bed.

Thanks to Candid Carrie for the great Friday Foto event!


Quentin said...

HAHA! What a crazy time! Good memories!

Judy Haley said...

awesome! Its good to befriends with McGyver!

Lori said...

If they hadn't been there you might STILL be standing in the driveway scratching your heads! :)

That's a fun picture.

SuzyQ said...

Quentin - yes, those are some marvelous memories! Hopefully we can make it up to see you all again soon!

Judy - Haha! I don't know what we would have done without them all there. Some how we put all our heads together and managed to get the keys out without calling a locksmith!

Lori - Thanks! And yes, we would be still standing there - or paying out the wahzoo for a locksmith!