Sunday, July 13, 2008

North Carolina's Pirate Lore & More!

One of the exciting things I learned about North Carolina while out jolly-banting about on my recent trip was it's rich history of pirate lore - including none-other than Blackbeard the Pirate!

We stayed in Morehead City and drove through Beaufort where Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, was said to be recently found in 1996 sunken in 20 feet of water. Blackbeard rode the ship ashore on purpose - some long lengthy tale about keeping more treasure for himself - quite a piratey thing to do.

Along the narrow barrier islands of Cape Hatteras National Seashore - was one of Blackbeard's favorite hangouts - Ocracoke Island - accessible by only water or air (we ferried across). This area is also where Blackbeard lost his life to the hands of the Royal Navy.

My husband loves pirate lore (as the above photo can attest - as does his good friend [also named Matt] - pictured next to him) and I am quite a fan myself - and am looking forward to going out to the North Carolina coast again sometime soon to further explore and learn more! There is so much to do there: marvelous shelling opportunities, gorgeous beaches to walk, maritime museums, scuba and snorkeling adventures, lots of rich history - it is quite amazing and I am shocked we didn't know much about this amazing travel destination till now.

Here is a short list no-where-near exhaustive of some of the things I want to go back and do in NC:

  • Snorkel and/or scuba along North Carolina's Crystal Coast - also called the Graveyard of the Atlantic because of the over 2,000 sunken ships in the coastal waters

  • Visit the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort to check out artifacts recovered from Blackbeard's famous ship the Queen Anne's Revenge
  • Watch the "The Lost Colony Pageant" given daily throughout the summer months on Roanoke Island in the famous "Outer Banks" area. It tells the thrilling story of the Lost Colony and presents a vivid account of what may have happened

  • Visit the Cape Lookout National Seashore and walk the beaches and look for seashells


Electronic Goose said...

I went there on vacation a few years ago! I remember there was a store with great homemade taffy ...

SuzyQ said...

I had never been - but I am bound and determined to go back! I saw homemade taffy - but opted out from buying any. I have a temporary crown right now on one of my back teeth and am not supposed to have anything sticky for awhile. I was supposed to go and get the permanent crown on Saturday but I was still driving back from vacation - and of course the dumb thing broke today and all I ate were cucumbers and pork loin! :(

Cindy said...

I love NC beaches. If you get back be sure to take the water taxi from Beaufort out to Shakleford Banks. I have never seen so many shells.
I also have to say, I love your pirate photo. It reminds me of my nephew who is to be 4 soon and his crazy love of all things pirate for as long as I can remember - and he's only 4!