Monday, July 14, 2008

July 2008 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

Ok, seriously...where did July go? It is already half over!!

Here's what is flowering this month in my garden.

Bee balm - one of my newest editions compliments of Ann at PrairieVisionDesign

The teensy and delicate flower of our spider plant.

Wow! My very stunning balloon flower which did really well this year!

Lilies from my great grandmother.

More gorgeous lilies.


And my rouge chamomile flower - it reseeded itself from last year and came up in the oddest place. I am going to transplant him somewhere soon.

My hostas are flowering like crazy as well - but I guess I didn't snap a photo of them - I will have to once I get home tonight!

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for starting the whole idea for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - I love it and cannot wait till the 15th each month!


Nadine said...

Oh my gosh, I love that balloon flower. So pretty!

SuzyQ said...

Thank you, Nadine! I think it was a Lowes purchase from last year. I am bad about shopping at big box stores for my plants - I think once my yard is full of plants I can be more selective about where to shop - but right now it is so bare and we need so much that I can't bear to spend extra on it all - so I shop the clearance garden area at Lowes and Home Depot - you can get some pretty sad plants but they always do amazing the next year after they get some tender loving care. :)

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

I can't believe the bee balm has already grown and bloomed!

Cindy said...

You have lovely blooms. Especially the one from your great-grandmother. I love "heirloom" plants like that.

Carol said...

You have some nice blooms. I really like the balloon flowers, mine are starting to bloom, too. They are fun to watch as they 'explode' into bloom.
Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens