Sunday, March 16, 2008

Subtle Signs of Spring

Yesterday the pets and I saw the cutest pair of ducks waddling through the front yard! Wouldn't seem exciting to most - but to me it is another subtle sign of spring and to my animals it was most amazing! I had to keep shushing Showbiz to stop her from whining and barking and scaring the ducks away completely. They did end up scurrying off quickly after seeing us in the window. Big Kitty was sad they left - she waited in the window like that for about 10 minutes hoping they would come back.

Another not so subtle sign of spring at our house is our muddy backyard. Sigh. When we first moved in last April the last thing on our minds was planting grass seed - which our back yard desperately needs - it is so patchy. We started patching up the bare spots in the front yard with a good layer of new top soil and grass seed in the fall - but didn't get too far before it got cold. This spring I am determined to get the backyard green - it wouldn't really matter much except we have two dogs who love to run and get awfully muddy each time they go out - and so before we bring them in we have to wipe them all down - that gets pretty old after doing so more than 3 times a day everyday.

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Sherry at the Zoo said...

Ducks, dogs, and cats. Reminds me of my duck story (a baaaddd memory - LOL). Sure signs of spring though. Love the cat looking out the window. I can soo relate.