Friday, March 14, 2008

Going to the Dogs

Wow, I am on a roll with the pet posts! Sorry, I am a little blah with wanting spring to come - it is making me go crazy. I cannot stand our muddy yard right now - yuck!

Anyways, this is what we got Lola for her first birthday last year - a doggy cupcake! Well, both dogs got one as a special treat. Only Lola was afraid of hers so we had to give them both to Showbiz. I am not sure why she freaked out but she was having none of it. Showbiz was more than happy to goggle up both hers and Lola's peanut-butter flavored cupcake from Three Dog Bakery (I love the story of their store - if you ever get the chance you should definitely read Amazing Gracie) - the cupcakes were only $1.25 a piece and oh so cute!

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corrin said...

I lived on Mass Ave, and the doggie bakery was a daily stop on our walk!