Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Heathen Animals

(Lola - our 1 yr old long-haired Chihuahua)

My husband and I have a fur family and that is it right now, but by golly that is enough! We have two dogs and two cats in our 3 bedroom house and you would think you would never know they were around - but they all 4 insist on being in the same room all together with us all the time! Makes me feel loved, but also seems crazy when we have so much room to roam around!

(Showbiz - our other pampered pooch - she is part Sharpei part Chow)

And then there are days like today, when we had a contractor come out to take measurements in our backyard for a quote to put in a patio. The poor unsuspecting man brings the door bell only to be bombarded with loud, probably scary sounding, barks from my "guard dogs." Who only bark mean, their other form of defense is to mull the intruder with kisses. It always embarrasses me to no end. Thank goodness that this guy had a lab at home and was used to animals.

(Big Kitty - our 4 yr old crazy cat who insists on all guests petting and loving her regardless of personal space or their allergies)

If the dogs were not bad enough, then there are the cats. Most cats run and hide when visitors come over - but not mine. Oh no. My cat jumps up on the table where we are going over my sketches and plans and insists that the man pick her up. Ridiculous.

By the end of his 15 minute visit he was covered in animal hair and had been practically jumped on by two of my animals.

(Little Kitty - our halfway normal cat who at least runs and hides when visitors come)

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