Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let Me In! - Hilarious Cat Movie

Marvelous video I found on Cute Overload by the great Simon Tofield, the creator of "Wake Up Cat". My guess is that Simon is a cat owner, because it is a humor only a person who owns a cat could appreciate. :)

Both of our kitties have experienced a night outdoors since we have moved into our house last April. Unlike dogs, cats do not come when called instead they are all off creeping around the yard - it is not so blaringly obvious that they are still outside - so it sometimes it ends up being the next morning when you notice there is one less mouth to feed. Dogs, on the other hand, are in your face all the time wagging their notice when they are missing - cats - not so much - very quiet and sneaky.

Now all animals are outfitted with microchips and tags with our phone number - and the cats have collars with a bell on it so I can hear them when they are incognito outside. Now they cannot escape! :)

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