Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pilling Your Cat

Harder than it looks, thank you very much. With Pumpkin being on meds - I need to give her a pill every 24 hours - the vet made it look so easy. Just grab her around her cheek bones pull back so her nose points the ceiling - open her mouth and stick the pill in. Ha! It it not so easy, my friend - I was able to only sustain minor injuries in the process - but still an injury all the same. AND I couldn't get her to swallow on the first try so the pill was beginning to dissolve in her mouth - which made her foam - it was crazy. But we did manage to get it down the hatch - but now I am doing my research to get it right the next time (and I will be sure to do it when Matthew is home so he can help).

How To Give Your Cat A Pill - from - this lady made it look WAY too easy - for one, when my cat sees that I have a pill - she high-tails it the other way - definitely doesn't sit compliantly

How to Give Your Cat a Pill - from - ok, turn off your sound before you watch this one, the music is irritating - but the instructions are hilarious - and more realistic :)

Feline Videos from Cornell University - this site has been the most helpful overall - great videos showing how to give your cat its medicine

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