Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adult Easter Egg Hunt Re-Cap

So, we did end up going on the Indiana House Rabbit Society Adult Easter Egg Hunt Fundraiser on Easter weekend - had a great time! It was a little chilly and muddy - but there were 400 eggs to 35 people - I came up with 15 and Matthew came with 12 or so. It was so funny to see grown adults all anxious and crazy about some Easter eggs hid in the woods - quite hilarious actually. Some people took it a little too seriously - but you always have that. 100% of the registration fees will be used for food, supplies and veterinary care for rabbits in foster care so I was happy. We also won two out of 17 prizes (we had numbers in our eggs that matched up to prizes on the table!). Matt won a pair of earrings and I won a $20 gift certificate to Kolache Factory - we have never been so it will be nice.

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