Sunday, March 16, 2008

Heart Shaped Pancakes

With my husband working nights I wanted to do something special for him for the few hours I had with him Saturday morning - so I made pancakes - but not just any pancakes - heart shaped pancakes! I used valentines day cookie cutters and it worked fairly well - but there might be a better way to go about making shaped pancakes.

I could have used:

A heart shaped pan
- but that would cost me $71

Nestle had the same idea I did
- but theirs looks better

Good Without Gluten did it the same way but sprayed the cookie cutters with Pam - ah ha! (and their recipe sounds tons better than plain old out-of-box pancake mix I used

Amazon has actual pancake molds with little handles so you don't burn your fingers trying to get pancakes out of the cutter like I did

Peanut Butter & Julie just hand pipes hers without a mold - ha! mine would look like blobs if I didn't have the extra help of the molds

Sur La Table has a whole heart shaped griddle!

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Sherry at the Zoo said...

Oh...what a cute idea! Martha Stewart would be so proud! I'll have to show my daughter this (she's asleep right now so I'll have to bring her back here later!). She loves to make pancakes. I can just see that heart shaped griddle on her Christmas list! LOL!