Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reader Help Needed! Diaper Bag Poll

Ok, ladies - especially my mommy-blogger pals - which diaper bag should I get??

A. Optic Bloom Bag...

Here is an inside view of what it would look like with stuff in it....(not the same bag but interior layout will be the same)

Pros: big bag, water bottle and bottle holders, diaper section, two hooks - one for pacifer one for keys...other handy pockets.
Cons: Will it slouch over and annoy me if I am in a hurry, trying to change baby etc - no flat bottom. I have no idea - so mom, you gotta help me decide!

B. Strappy Diaper Bag

Pros: Heather bailey fabric, stands up on its own, lots of pockets, etc.
Cons: most expensive option

C. Birdie Sling

View of pockets inside...

Pros: big, lots of room, cheapest options, made from my fav fabric...
Cons: not as many pockets, might be too slouchy?

Ok, cast your vote for either A, B or C and help me decide! :)


Kira's Cottage Christian Store said...

Ok, I am going with bag #2. I think you sadi it is the most expensive, but it looks like the best for storage... You need a sturdy bag with lots of pockets. If you don't have enough pockets, you will end up being disappointed. Things will fall to the bottom and there are lots of little things you will end up carrying with you. If you don't go with #2, I would choose #1 because of the pockets, but if it slouches, this may not be good when you are right in the prcess of changing the diaper and trying to get things out...

Kira's Cottage Christian Store said...

Alos, diaper bags I feel are something it is ok to spend the extra money on because you will literally be using it all the time. You will get your money's me!!!

Rosemarie said...

They are all CUTE! #2 looks the most practical.

Here's what I have: 2 diaper bags. One big and 1 small. when I have to run someplace easy (like the doctor's), I bring the small one. When I go by someone's house (extended time), I have the big one.

But I agree that pockets are great and easier to find things.