Thursday, August 12, 2010

Child Birth Prep Class Week One

We started our child birth prep classes this week!

Everything seems to be happening so fast - first the shower, then the classes starting up - I had myself worked up into a wee-bit of a panic here in the last day or so. And of course, we show up to the class a half an hour late - and me with puffy, red rimmed eyes from crying (nothing bad happened - just hormone induced panic/crazy preggo lady tears about generally not being quite ready/prepared/etc and the thought that we have almost under 50 days to get ready - OMG).

I am sure I looked like death having cried my makeup off and with the dark circles from being tired and the swollen eyes from crying. And with a pretty pissed off expression I am sure. Lovely way to make a first impression on our fellow classmates who we will be spending 2 hours with once a day until the end of August. :\ Pretty sure they all refer to me as that pissed off grouchy lady. Sigh.

Also, so far, me and the doors to the maternity wing are not BFF. In fact we pretty much hate each other. I apparently cannot read signs and just want to make in to the damn class without further delay - the doors on the other hand have a little sign on it with too many words for a puffy-eyed, pregnant lady in a hurry - and all these things on the wall - which one is the dang button for the door? Why have a "push" guard if you can't touch the door without the alarm going off. Yeah, fun.

I should have taken the darn complimentary cookie I was eyeballing by the front desk - would have at least made me feel better. Will do next time...believe me no second thoughts about the cookie next time.

P.S. I really like the class as whole. Our instructor is a RN who is also a doula - she is quirky and entertaining. The class is broken up between mini-lectures/demos/insights from the teacher and little snippets of a dvd. Thankfully, I've exposed my hubby to plenty of birthing videos before this point - so he wasn't the one nervous guy in the room who kept nervously laughing out loud every time he saw a lady's parts or heard the instructor say something about a lady's parts. LOL. In fact, my man was pretty cool as a cucumber compared to other guys in the room who were all the fidgety, whispery and in general uncomfortable.

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Rosemarie said...

In our first class when they showed us the video, I almost died. I never saw an actual birth before and I wanted to run out of there but ... too late!

Enjoy the classes and make sure you go out for ice cream or something afterwards (for me it was McD's milkshakes that I craved).