Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pipe Cleaner Ephiphany

My husband and I have those nifty, double-walled Starbucks tumblers that we use ALL the time. They have been one of our best purchases in the whole water-bottle, reusuable cup department. But, anywho...with all that use comes a build-up of grime in the hard plastic straw.

I have been mentally whinning to myself for weeks about the bad taste coming from the straw and how looking down it causes me slight distress at the sight.

On the way to church this past Sunday I was rambling to my hubby about my dirty straw dilema - and how there should be a way to clean it out. I mean, SURELY there is a product out there that can clean it? A teeny, tiny bottle brush perhaps?

Then he asks why I don't use a pipe cleaner.

A pipe cleaner? My mouth just hangs open for a second because the first thing that enters my mind and starts coming out of my mouth is how a pipe cleaner is for crafts.

Then it hits me, um yeah, the name "pipe cleaner" pretty much denotes its intended use - to clean pipes or, in this case, straws. Oh boy....considering I have been trying to figure out how to clean this straw for weeks it is pretty embarrassing - I have a boatload of pipe cleaners upstairs in my craft area...wow. Just wow. :)

But alas, I have a clean straw now - and a whole new outlook on pipe cleaners! :)

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