Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adding to the Pregnancy Survival Kit: The 3rd Trimester

I have been in the third trimester for a few weeks now  I am slowly beginning to catch on to a few new things that I haven't quite experience before.

Leg Cramps
Yup, waking up in the middle of the night gasping in pain with charlie horses. No fun! I can never remember what move helps - pulling your toes back or pointing them forward. One makes it worse and the other relieves the pain. But at 4AM when you're in the very grip of that excruciating pain you can't remember for the life of you which it is!

Bloody Noses
I've had them off and on - but now they are pretty frequent.

I have had this for a few weeks now - if I wake up near 4AM or 6AM to use the restroom I can almost never fall back to sleep. Thus resulting in very productive mornings, me arriving at work early and then getting exhausted around 8:30 or 9:00pm.

Sore Feet
And the newest addition to the treasure trove of third trimester symptoms - sore feet! Not swollen feet, thank goodness, not yet anyways. But my poor tootsies hurt! I can barely stand up barefoot on the kitchen floor to do dishes or cook very long my soles start aching so bad. Feels like I have been standing on my feet all day when in reality it's only for 30-40 minutes. I have resorted to wearing my tennis shoes if I am going to be in the kitchen - the arch support helps - but in this 95+ weather we've been having I'd much rather be keeping my tootsies cool in a pair of flip flops or no shoes at all! I've started wearing shoes with good support to the store to - long shopping trips are exhausting enough without having your feet hurt.

I've had a pretty easy going pregnancy so far - so if this is the most I have to complain about - I'll take it! :)

Without further ado - here's my updated pregnancy survival list - third trimester edition!

- Ocean Saline Nasal Spray
- Kleenexes with Lotion
- Bananas
- Peppermint foot soak
- Peppermint foot & leg mist/spray
- Shoes w/ good arch support
- More pillows! To put between your legs as you sleep on your side, to prop your feet up when they hurt AND to elevate your head a little to help keep you from getting too stuffy at night.
- Air Conditioning/Lots of Ice Water and cold drinks

Forgot to mention that I am finally getting hot. I have heard of pregnant ladies getting insanely hot but had always just finally been comfortable. Normally I am always cold so this was a nice change, but now the comfortable warmness has been replaced with burning hotness. I am sitting under the AC vent now - which I never do. I hate the cold air blowing straight on me normally - but here I sit happy as a clam with my feet soaking in my peppermint water. :) And I now sleep with no covers at all - was down to just the sheet but now I kick that off too!

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Rosemarie said...

Congrats on getting into your 3rd trimester!! It's the home stretch!

I had to sleep in our downstairs family room almost the whole 3rd tri because I was so hot (and this summer has been so hot here). Sleeping the last month of my preg was the hardest, but other than that, enjoy these moments. I loved it!