Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Warrior Post Edition: Indieana Handicraft Exchange

Between two closes and a mid I managed to drag my tired, slightly grouchy husband out to the Harrison Center (ahh...memories from Sculpture class) and check out the Indieana Handicraft Exchange! I love, love LOVE the logo and the whole play on words with Indieana. Marvelous!

Not to mention the tons and tons of insanely creative people!!

Some of my favorite booths were:

Cute Cooties
- adorable bibs!

Herb & Ginger
- loved the mango tea!

Owly Shadow Puppets - Need I say more?!

Sycamore Street Press
- Loved the alphabet prints!

You can see a list of all vendors and learn more info here at the Indieana Handicraft Exchange website -


Jenny wren's nest said...

I love crafts so much but I usually go and look and then say I think I can do that! then never buy anything. it is so fun.

melly~ said...

how fun! wish i'd know about it sooner!

TMC said...

I wanted to go to this SO BAD but my timing was off with the trip to Chicago. Grrr! I'm glad you had a good time.

Stacy said...

Jenny - This craft fair was very inspirational that was for sure!

Melly - I should blog about it in advance next time - I think they are having another one in the fall. I'll keep you posted!!

TMC - I think they have another in the fall!