Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Things Come to Those to Wait??

I know the pic above is above is hazy - but there is just SOMETHING about hazy, sunny, shimmery, summertime pics that I just LOVE!

Picked our first, and so far ONLY, batch of strawberries from our newly installed strawberry patch. Hopefully next year it produces something more than the 4 little berries I plucked off. This waiting business is for the birds - gotta wait a whole 3 years to harvest my rhubarb, gotta wait till probably next year to see my peony bloom AND now I'm not going to get any dang strawberries?! Sheesh - patience isn't my high point people.

Anyone know of any sort of fertilizer or anything that strawberries like? Or if they keep producing all summer into the fall - or is this it? Seven strawberry plants to get a whopping 4 berries??

Here's my strawberry patch! Sorry for the dog butt in the picture - they always manage to sneak in! ;)


Momma Val said...

I planted wild strawberries in the yard of our old apartment years ago when I was in college. They didn't do much for years but, I still get to look in on them from time to time cause my mom still lives in the building. As of Saturday, they were going bonkers.

I think they do take a few years to really get going. I think they keep blooming though throughout the summer. You may see a few more. Next year you should definitely see more. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Carol said...

My strawberry bed is three years old and I am eating strawberries every meal. Good things do come to those who wait!

Joanna said...

I started a strawberry patch this year too- I've been pinching off the blossoms to let the plants really get established though- make them put their energy into roots and leaves rather than making fruit- so no strawberries for me this year :(

There are two types of strawberries "June-bearing" and "Everbearing" The June-bearing types will produce a heavy crop of good-sized berries in early summer, and that's it. The everbearing type will produce smallish berries either all summer or once at the beginning of the summer and once later in the summer- so, whether the plants produce all summer depends on what kind of strawberry plant you bought :)

I haven't had the patience to establish a rhubarb or asparagus patch yet- I can only wait on one thing at a time! Luck for me, there were already huge peony bushes here when I moved in!

Nadine said...

Strawberries, mmmn. It'll be worth the wait, that's for sure. I was also lucky enough to have already established peonies in my yard, but I always want more.