Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Loves

Matthew and Lola - two of my loves! :)


Jenny wren's nest said...

I would love a small dog but cant bring myself to spend hundereds of dollers on such a thing, what breed is your dog? its cute.

TMC said...

Where's Showtime?!

Stacy said...

Jenny - Lola is a long haired chihuahua! When we lived in an apartment complex our neigbhors had an unexpected litter of pups. One look at the little white pup and I had to have her! :)

You don't have to spend hundreds on a small dog - there are tons of rescue organizations out there and even the humane society that always has little dogs.

TMC - LOL! Showbiz is probably napping on the floor at our feet! :) She my love too - no worries!