Friday, June 12, 2009

Early June Garden Update 2009

The gardens are all growing marvelously! Here's our potato, squash, watermelon, garlic, cucumber and cantaloupe garden. Yeah, I MIGHT have pushed the envelope on how much I planted here - but it IS called square foot gardening for a reason, right? :) There's less weeds that is for sure! I didn't know the potato plants grew so big - this is the first time I've ever planted them.

Here's a glimpse of all three gardens and you can even see the rhubarb patch growing behind the strawberry patch in the background!

Yay for peas!! Look how many there are!!


Momma Val said...

Wowee!!!!! Great garden and great job Stacy! I am very jealous. Not that I want to take on all that pregnant BUT I soooo love garden fresh veggies and fruits. Everything looks completely beautiful :)

Nadine said...

Beautiful gardens, Stacy! What a bounty you'll have.

melly~ said...

oh my gosh your plants look wonderful!!
i took some pictures the other day. i think i may have posted them on facebook. watch for them on my blog too!

BerryBird said...

Oh, I am so jealous, of your peas most of all! I planted peas and they came up beautifully, but I don't have my garden fenced and they all got eaten before they could flower. I don't know if it was the woodchuck, bunnies, or deer -- but I'm totally bummed because I love fresh peas. What are you using for support? They are so tall. Your garden is beautiful!

Stacy said...

Berrybird - That is one thing we don't have to much of - wildlife. We do have hummingbirds - yay!:) And there are bunnies but I have never seen one inside the fence. I am use a few bamboo poles for supports - that's it! :)