Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reader Poll!

I missed the Perennial Plant Exchange that was held last week by the Morgan County Master Gardener's program at the Mooresville Library. It was a choice between that (an EXTRA far drive for me) or making it to the last yoga class before our three week break - which was 1/2 yoga and 1/2 socializing with wine. Quite a toss up, but needless to say the wine and yoga won! :)

So, here's my question for you all! Would anyone want to come to MY perennial plant cxchange if I set one up?? Kinda like the Soup Swap idea but with perennials!! Yup, I am a gardening dork - but, really, my very best plants have come from starters from other people. And I would love to share the love and pass along more starts of the perennials I have (bee balm, lemon balm, mint and day lilies - maybe chamomile and tarragon as well.)

Let me know what you think of the idea - and take my poll over to the left!

Though I am worried that it may be too late into the spring/early summer season - fellow gardening geeks, let me know if I should wait until later in the fall season or sometime next spring!


Matt's Miscellany said...

I would. I have a stone crop to share.

Momma Val said...

Aww! Too bad you are so far. I was completely desperate to exchange last year and this year have some I could share. I ended up making some fabulous gardening friends on Freecycle offering and asking for plants. You may try Googling Indiana plant swaps, I think they are popular in certain areas of the country. Just in case you don't get any bites on here. Good luck! You're husband is a nut :) lol

melly~ said...

i'd be -so- down with this!
i have some beautiful hostas, lilies, huchera (sp) and astilbe, all that could be divided.

when we left toledo we brought a sedum ken's grandmother had given us. grandma is long gone but the autumn joy blooms bigger and better each year. makes us smile every time we look at it.

a friend of mine gave us some elephant ears a few years ago. they were so fun! sadly we lost them last year. i think they got too cold in the garage. :( it's all learning for us. and sometimes the lessons are hard ones.

do count me in, stacy!