Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekend in Review

Last weekend went by in a kind of blur! So many things going on! Friday night, I made it out to the Indy Wine & Brew Fest with Jessie and sampled many an interesting drink. I found I particularly enjoy Moscato wines and that I still don't care for beer too much. Though the Abita Strawberry wasn't bad and anything Leinenkugel is more than tolerable. :)

Saturday we woke up early and headed to our friend Tim & Jessie's neck of the woods and took part in the Julian Avenue Garage Sale and the Celebrate Irvington festivities!

Found ourselves more garage sale goodies!

And ate lunch at Jockamo's Pizza - which is a must try! I could make an entire dinner of just the breadsticks and be happy - they were sooo good!

The breadpudding was FANTASTIC!

Pizza was pretty amazing as well - we had the Margarita pizza - but may try a different kind the next time we stop in.

Saturday night I made it up to Lafayette for an old friend of mine's bridal shower where I was the reigning champion of the "Stuff in Your Purse" shower game! Booya! LOL, sadly though my purse contained everything on the list except Keds/panty hose, a tampon, a $50 dollar bill and red lipstick. Got points for my nail clippers, paper clip, library card, 1984 penny, 5 different business cards, Victoria Secret card, calendar and perfume. :)

Sunday most of my family came down to Indy for my baptism! :) Yay on both accounts! More about that in a later post!


Momma Val said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! When I used to drink I did not like beer either, but gladly sucked down anything that tasted like fruit and not like alcohol. That food looks awesome! And how have I been to tons of showers and never played the purse game, there is always tons of crap in mine :)

Jenny wren's nest said...

congratulations on the baptism, I know your family has got to be thrilled.
The pizza looks so good, I'm going to have to try it.

alli michelle said...

I love the picnic basket you found, Stacy! And the globe, too, do you collect them? I want to.