Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What kind of cookie are you?

If there is one thing I love - it is sweets! I would skip dinner entirely just to make sure I got dessert. So comes the love-hate relationship with cookies. I love cookies because they taste so good - but I hate the way I feel after I eat too many.

Well, I finally found a good meeting place in between.

Pepperidge Farm Cookies

They are expensive and come in relatively small quantities - so my husband and I feel a little more guilty about buying and eating them all and they are extra delicious being premium cookies and all.

Our most recent favorite are the Chocolate Chessman cookies! Yum!

I even took their little quiz online to see what kind of cookie I am and lo-and-behold I am a chessman cookie!

Find out what kind of cookie you are today!

1 comment:

McLovin said...

I'm a chessman cookie too.