Monday, February 11, 2008

I love tights!

I used to HATE wearing tights when I was younger and would dread when my mother insisted I wear them. But now, I cannot get enough of them. They are essential to keeping me warm on the 2 block walk I have from the parking garage to work each day in this awful Indiana weather. The thing about tights is that I am rough on them - snags and holes are bound to appear and this winter my favorite black tights finally formed a hole. Sniff! Luckily, hubby and I were browsing Target yesterday and stumbled upon a motherload of black tights on sale for 50% off! I came home with 3 new pairs of black tights and two colored pairs (hey, the colored ones were 75% off). Needless to say this Monday morning when the thermometer outside is barely making it to 10 degrees not to mention the -15 windchill - I am very happy to have new snug and warm tights on!

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