Friday, February 8, 2008

Commerical That Breaks My Heart

I have to literally look away when I see this Pedigree Adoption Commercial - that or burst into tears or rush to the nearest humane society and adopt 10 more dogs!

I am proud to say that our first dog came from a humane society - Showbiz.

Our second one was a little unplanned - our neighbors had a litter of chihuahua puppies and being the evil people that they are they let the puppies romp around in the yard outside our apartment all the time and I fell in love with one little white one and had to have her - that is how we got Lola. Our cats are both rescues and any dog we get in the future will be rescues.

This commercial really cuts to the heart of the issue - though and definitely pulls on the heartstrings. Our society needs to stop looking in the pet shops for their next family pet and instead help an animal out in need - who is just as loving (if not more so) than that puppy in the window and what matters the most is that the puppy you don't see in the window - the one that is behind the cage door at the local animal shelter - he need YOU more. It is shocking and saddening to know the actual number of euthanasized dogs and cats - the daily number is astounding - all because there isn't enough room for them so they give them a number and so many days and if they aren't adopted out in those number of days then they are done for.

I need to go home and hug my doggies right now!

Thinking about adopting? Here are some great links to help you out.

  • - this site posts dogs who have only days left - help them


  • Or look up your nearest humane society.

  • If you are interesting in a particular breed - find a rescue and help those in need instead of buying from a breeder.

  • If you can't adopt but want to help - donate to your local humane society. Often they have a wish list of everyday items that they are in need of - things like towels, blankets, leashes, etc. All simple ways to make a difference.

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